Professional Add-On

Enhance the diagnostic capabilities of TouchScan or OBDwiz with the Professional Add-On.

$44.95 USD

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Get access to more features and additional diagnostics

Enhanced graphing

Overlap multiple signals, add unlimited graphs, zoom, pan and use cursors. Graphs are completely customizable.

Calculated PIDs

Access to calculated PIDs for Boost Pressure, Air-to-Fuel Ratio, Engine Power, Engine Torque, and Vehicle Acceleration.

Data Mapping

View the value of one parameter based on two independent parameters. Easily switch between multiple data map views and select statistical parameters.

Software sensor calibration

Offset or scale any vehicle parameter and compensate for oversized tires (calibration in TouchScan/OBDwiz only).

Custom and Enhanced PIDs

Use the built-in GM enhanced PIDs to view enhanced data such as cylinder misfires. Import and add your own enhanced PIDs.

On-board tests (Mode $08)

On-board tests include evaporative system leak test and diesel particulate filter regeneration.

Enhanced Graphing Overlap multiple parameters
Add unlimited graphs
Zooming, panning, and cursors
Data Mapping View the value of one parameter based on two independent parameters
Software sensor calibration Offset or scale any vehicle parameter (calibration in TouchScan/OBDwiz only)
Compensate for oversized tires (calibration in TouchScan/OBDwiz only)
Enhanced, User-defined, and Calculated Parameters Create your own PIDs as a combination of vehicle PIDs
Create or import manufacturer enhanced PIDs
Built-in Enhanced PIDs include*
  • Boost pressure
  • Air-to-Fuel Ratio
  • Knock Retard (GM vehicles)
  • Cylinder Misfire Count (GM and Ford vehicles)
  • Engine Oil Temperature (GM and Ford vehicles)
  • Transmission Fluid Temperature (GM vehicles)
  • Engine Oil Life Remaining (GM vehicles)
  • Injector Control Pressure (Ford vehicles)
  • VGT Duty Cycle (Ford vehicles)
  • Exhaust Back Pressure (Ford vehicles)
  • Ford Enhanced Add-On is recommended to get full access to Ford enhanced PIDs
* Availability of each PID depends on your vehicle.
Calculated PIDs include
  • Boost pressure
  • Air-to-Fuel Ratio
  • Engine Power
  • Engine Torque
  • Vehicle Acceleration
Support for On-board tests (Mode $08) Evaporative system leak test
Diesel particulate filter regeneration
Custom Trouble Code Definitions Define custom trouble code descriptions to be displayed when reading codes

Availabilty of enhanced features is dependent on your vehicle year, make, and model.


You must have a valid TouchScan or OBDwiz license to purchase this add-on. If you do not have a license then you can get one on the TouchScan page.


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